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P.E. Schedule

P.E. Shoes

Students are expected to wear tennis shoes to physical education class.  Please check the P.E. schedule link above to see when your child has P.E.

Scott Green

Dear Parent:


Your child will participate in the physical education program during the entire school year. Your child has the opportunity to participate in team and individual sport activities, cooperative activities, rhythmic activities, climbing activities, and a variety of fitness activities.

If your child has a physical problem that may limit their participation, we should be notified in writing.  If your child is sick or injured and cannot participate on a certain day, we need to have a note from a parent.  The note should be from a doctor if the child needs to sit out for more than five days.

Everyone is expected to participate in all activities during class.  To be prepared for class, your child should wear shoes and clothing that are appropriate for physical activity.  Athletic shoes which lace up or have Velcro closures are the most suitable.  Flip-flops, slip-on shoes, sandals, shoes with high heels, and boots make moving in P.E. class difficult and unsafe.  Your child may have to sit out of P.E. class for safety reasons when the appropriate footwear is not worn.  Appropriate footwear and clothing make participation more comfortable and safer.

It is very important that your child follow directions in physical education class.  Your child will receive a warning for not following directions.  If this happens again in the same class period, I will give the student a time out from the activity.  A note will be sent home after your child has been sent to time out three times in a nine week period. 

If you have any questions, you can contact me at 212-8680.  I am very pleased to be working with your child this year!




Scott Green, Physical Education Teacher